Puppy Training

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You have just brought your new puppy home, and everyone is excited which is great! However, you need to realize that over time your puppies behavior will change according to what you allow and don’t allow. As much as you would like to oooo and aaaaaa with your pup on their arrival, you need to set down rules immediately.

Your main focus will be on the potty training side. You also want to ensure that your puppy knows where he or she will be sleeping, eating and playing.If you have experience with puppy training, then you can train your pet yourself. However a lot of animal lovers go with the option of hiring a trained professional to train their puppy. This is also a quicker option to get your new baby trained up. Professional trainers know which buttons to push and not to push when it comes to dogs.

Training takes time and patience and if you don’t have these two skills, then once again it is advisable for the trainer to step in.When training your puppy yourself, remember that it is important to reward your puppy when they do things correctly. If they make mistakes or don’t do what you want, don’t scream at them, keep trying and keep calm. If you get frustrated with your puppy, they can feel this tension and may develop stubborn behavior.

Important things to remember when training your puppy:

  1. - Your puppy will fall into the routine you want him to fall into
  2. - You should never hit or scream at your puppy
  3. - Praise your pet when they do something good
  4. - Always give your puppy their own bed and food so that they know its there’s
  5. - Routine is always important
  6. - Stick to the rules, you set for your puppy
  7. - Take your puppy outside often so that the pup realises he or she needs to do their business outside


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Course: http://www.puppies.org.za/redirect.php?w=5ac07hufa5y45lb-z1qre3om6e.hop.clickbank.net