Puppy Health Guide

Your puppy is like a newborn child now that needs to be taken care of. You need to ensure that your puppy has all his or her injections and you need to watch out for any illness. Below is some advice to assist you with your new puppy:


  1. - Prevent Sickness.
  2. - What to look out if your pet is ill.



Firstly, you need to ensure that your puppies get the right vaccinations. It is important to follow up on these when needed. You also need to ensure that your puppy gets dewormed when need be.



If you notice that your puppy falls out of their usual routine, and becomes tired quickly or sleeps too much, then consult a vet. Extra things to watch out for are change in appetite, irregular movements, shaking or whining.


It is your responsibility as their owner of your puppy or dog to ensure their health is looked after. You need to ensure that all your dog or puppies’ shots are up to date and that you go to the vet when you see any symptoms of illness. Your pet’s weight also needs to be monitored. If you notice that your pet is gaining weight then consider changing their food or monitor their intake of foods.


Avoid feeding you pet from the table as this creates bad behaviour and your pet may start begging as he or she will expect that this is allowed. You also need to be aware that most foods that are for human consumption are not always best for your pets. If you notice that your pets gums start to change colour and become white, that they may be sick. It’s also best for your pet to have a slightly wet nose. All doggies get ill sometimes and they even get the slight cold or flu. Its best to consult with a veterinarian if you are unsure.